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Welcome to the NILE Stock Show Entry portal for the Livestock Department.
First, please register as an exhibitor. Please do not enter as a team/company, enter each exhibitor individually.
• Please note when entering address:
• Address 1 = Mailing Address
• Address 2 = Physical Address
Second, to enter livestock – please choose the desired division and class that you wish to enter. Enter the animal’s information. Repeat this process for each entry.
Third, complete entry(ies) by submitting payment.
Club Calf Exhibitors:
Entry limitations:
- Exhibitors will be able to enter up to 10 head.
o Of the 10 head, only 6 can be heifers.
- Division Caps:
o Steers: 125
o Heifers: 60
Due to available space, entries are limited. Entries in 2023 will affect 2024.
- July 15 through September 10: A consignor can scratch entry(ies) with no penalty, no refund(s) of entry fee.
- After September 10 through check-in: A consignor can scratch entry(ies), but will be penalized number of entries in 2025 and no entry refund(s).
o Should a consignor scratch all entry(ies) they will not be eligible to enter this division in 2025. This will be a “one-year probationary period’ – example: 2023 entries will affect 2024, 2024 entries will affect 2025, etc.
Entry Fees:
- $50/calf entered
- $50/pen of 3 entry (Pen of 3 must be made up of calves shown in show)
For more information about the Club Calf Show or Sale, please visit: https://thenile.org/events/livestock/club-calf-show-sale/
Jr. Fed Exhibitors:
Please enter each individual market animal in its respective class. You must participate in Market or Breeding in order to compete in Showmanship. You will need to enter your DOB and Age for showmanship classification. This show is open to current 4-H & FFA members ages 8-18 as of Jan 1, 2024.
- Showmanship must be entered separately on form (Class 2: Seniors; Class 3: Juniors, Class 4: Beginners). Exhibitors MUST be entered in showmanship on original entry form - NO EXCEPTIONS!
All animals MUST be officially identified with an Electronic Tag (EID). The 15-digit individual number MUST BE on the original entry – NO TAG, NO ENTRY!
**DO NOT enter a fake number, entry will be marked as invalid**
Entry Limitations:
- Beef Exhibitors: Unlimited number of entries; only show 2 beef at NILE
- Lamb Exhibitors: Enter 6 lambs; show 3 lambs at NILE
- Goat Exhibitors: Enter 8 goats; show 4 goats at NILE
- Hog Exhibitors: Enter 4 hogs; show 2 hogs at NILE
** No refunds will be given nor will substitutions be made.
Lambs & Goats:
- Scrapie Tag including flock number and individual ID MUST exactly match the original entry submitted and must be on the health certificate upon arrival. Scrapie tags NOT MATCHING will result in disqualification.
Bill of Sales or Home Raised Affidavits:
Proof of ownership on each animal entered must be submitted at time of entry via email. Copies will be accepted. If proof of ownership is not received by September 1, the entry(ies) will be declined, and no refund will be given. Upload after entries are paid for.
For more information about the Junior Fed Market & Breeding Shows, please visit: https://thenile.org/events/livestock/jr-fed-market-shows/  
Breeding Cattle/Commercial Heifer Pen Show Exhibitors:
Please make sure to include date of birth and registration numbers on entry. If registration number is pending, please type “pending” into the entry. Please email or call the Livestock Office with registration numbers prior to arrival.
For more information on the Breeding Cattle Shows, please visit: https://thenile.org/events/livestock/
Merit Heifer Exhibitors:
Please be sure to enter your donor’s name in the description box.
Entries will open for all divisions on July 15, 2024 at 12 p.m. MST. Entries will close for Club Calf and Jr Fed Divisions on September 1 OR when show is full (space is limited).
Entries for Breeding Cattle, Commercial Heifer Pen Show, Merit Heifer/Progeny Pen Parade and Club Calf Heifer Futurity will close on September 1, 2024 – late entries will be accepted through September 15 at 5 p.m. MST (late fees will apply).
For a complete schedule of events, show rules & regulations, and breed specific information please visit the NILE website at www.thenile.org or to view the 2024 Premium Book, click the following link: https://thenile.org/premium-book/  
If you should encounter any problems entering your livestock, please contact the Livestock Office at by emailing livestock@thenile.org or calling (406)-256-2499.